Repairing Your Lawn – All About Total Renovation

Normally, lawn renovation comes up as a result of a few weeks of negligence or after hosting a family gathering over the weekend which has done a not-so-small damage on your lawn. Renovations that arise because of these reasons are usually partial renovations that target bald lawns, high-traffic paths, depressions, mounds, and so on. However, there comes a time when you may need to renovate a lawn that is badly damaged. This may be due to the fact that you are buying house which has not been inhabited for quite a while, the family had a lot of more serious things to look at, or you just want to start a lawn in a place where one was, but then was left unattended for along period of time. Such renovations will require an overhaul of the whole place, and is what is referred to as total renovation.

Planning For The Renovation

Total renovation will require that you start your whole lawn renovation process afresh. This means that you will have to spend much more money compared to just repairing a small patch on your lawn. It will also require time and the greatest resource when it comes to gardening – the season. Different types of grasses grow during different types of the year. This means that you will first have to know which grass you will be planting and which season is best suited for it.

Clear The Lawn

The second thing that you will need to do is to clear the lawn. This is because for the time that your lawn had been left without tending, it is pretty obvious that there grew a lot of weeds and unwanted grass on the lawn which need to be removed. In clearing the lawn, you will need to uproot the weeds and kill the roots using herbicides. If it is on a sunny day, then you just need to turn the soil so that the weeds can dry up and die. You can also use organic herbicides to do the job if you are not such a huge fan of the inorganic herbicides.

Planting The Seeds

Once you have cleared the ground, the next important step is planting the seeds. However, you cannot do this before aerating the soil and before thatching it. You will need to do these things and then you can over seed the ground. Place some peat moss on the soil because of the fact that it will help to protect the seeds from being eaten by the birds.

Once you are through with total renovation, it is important that you realize that that is not the end of the job. You will need to be looking after your lawn from time to time to ensure that it does not fall back to a position where you will need to do a total renovation once again.

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