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Not everyone knows the right way to take care of their lawns because they have never had a proper and affordable channel to inquire. Of course there are profession landscapers who always offer you help, but only if you agree to pay for their advice. However, Scotts lawn fertilizer has finally introduced a very easy to follow and complete lawn care program custom made for all your gardening needs.

Many factors will determine the growth and quality of your lawn, the city you live in and the current type of grass being the most important. This information will help professionals at Scotts to refer a best Scotts lawn fertilizer and the perfect time for you to start the application procedure. For instance, you live in the Midwest, where the weather gets extreme in the summer and winter, and your lawn is in terrible condition. The first thing to do is apply Scotts Turf Builder, a special Scotts lawn fertilizer, with any weed preventer.

Harsh winters destroy both the outer and inner part of the lawn, therefore, you need to take special care of it if you want it to grow back in a reasonable time. The second application should be made in late spring, using the same Scotts lawn fertilizer mentioned above, along with another weed preventer. This will give your lawn all the required nutrients that it was not able to get in the terrible winter months. As spring comes and goes, a bunch of broad leaf weeds make their way, thus the application of weed control is essential.

The middle of summer is the best time for third application of Scotts lawn fertilizer, Turf Builder, as well as Summerguard. Unlike the first two applications, the third one does not require a specific weed killer; instead, Summerguard is used, which help strengthen the roots and the plants for the long and dry summer days. Moreover, the fourth and last application should be made in the fall, with the same Scotts lawn fertilizer and Winterguard.

Applying the proper fertilizers at the right time of the year can make all the difference in helping you grow a lawn that you have been dreaming. A lawn with fertilizers will be full of nutrients that it needs in order to grow strong, green and thick. Otherwise, you will be stuck with an ugly and patchy lawn that everyone will pay attention to for all the wrong reasons. If you are having problems finding this fertilizer in the local stores, then take a trip to your nearest Lowe’s outlet. Lowe’s is the one of the best in the United States in meeting all your lawn care needs.

Rely on Scotts lawn fertilizer to make your lawn evergreen again. Check out amazing discounts and coupons to get a reduced price as well.

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