Scotts Lawn Service Ruined My Lawn midwest

I singed up for a 6 step program,and as you can clearly see step 1 did nothing for my lawn,I had them come out 4 times already,and still no impact on my Broa…
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D Furrnt —

You do know that there is no effective pre-emergent for dandelions right?
I’ve had scotts now for 3 years and the lawn looks great. I feel like I
felt the same way you did also but what they said was right about it taking
time. The second year was a lot better and the 3rd now has been perfect. Be
patient the company can do wonders for your lawn. Also make sure to follow
instructions because it may need water to activate.

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mike dyer —


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Joel Never —

So wild, that they mix in weed seed in a spray, and spray your lawn to make
it look bad, maybe it grass had ever been planted in that 30 year old lot,
it would look better. at least they getting something to grow there LOL

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john lane —

Your not even Scotts Lawn Service customer.

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hippiechick64 —

They killed my lawn too. I am currently working with a manager to find a
solution to what they did to my previously okay lawn. Luckily I had a movie
of the lawn before they came because I had just bought the house and was
filming a virtual tour for friends to see But yeah, they did a real number
on my lawn. Not a happy customer.

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chetreid77 —

Damn…Seriously Man, you probably need to resod. If not, take a weed
wacker and wack them out.

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Chinpipe —

@Acedare actually the lawn wasnt shot before Scott’s came knocking,the lawn
actually looked great,until 30 days after Scott’s treated it,so dnt judge a
yard by it’s looks…

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Chinpipe —

@smithmastajay your a big waste of life, you think all that bullshit ya
wasted your time to comment with a bunch of useless bullshit ,first of all
get off Scotts lawn nuts,and second got to your happy place then kill
Yoself,someone just may notice… I dnt give a fuck how long it takes to
kill a weed or dandelions,that’s not my concern,that’s the lawn service
concern to know,also the same service did a home 6 homes down,and they had
the same result as myself,so dnt waste your time

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texasbackyardshed —

What? Are you going to say sorry or oops? If Scotts is so great then why
can’t they deliver a product or service that is worth the money?

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smithmastajay —

Your an idiot sir. First, pre emergent is for crabgrass! Not weeds. 2nd, it
takes 10- 15 days for dandelions to die off after being treated! 3rd, if
your lawn could be a ” golf course” after 5 treatments, there would be no
need for a full season service. Also, weeds are not prevented!!! U have to
react to them. Use service calls. They’re unlimited and free w/ Scott’s and
then take the steps to thicken your lawn and seed it in the fall!-( this is
natural weed prevention). Your lawn needs time !

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Scotts LawnService —

HI, I am sorry there is a concern with the lawn. If you would like to drop
me an email, I would be happy to follow up with your local branch. My email
address is Thanks, Amanda Cordell Scotts

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JohnnieBulge —

Looks like they treat your neighbor behind you. Lol.

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frisbyfreak420 —

A few things I saw right off the bat is you have a very thin lawn. This
makes it a ton easier for weeds to grow. I’m not saying Scott’s isn’t at
fault for not killing the weeds, but they aren’t causing them to appear.
Another thing, the pre emergent they applied is for crabgrass and various
other weeds. There is no such thing as a pre emergent for broad leaf weeds
such as dandelions. The only real way to prevent weeds is to have a very
dense lawn.

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acedare mipp —

A concern with the lawn? You think? Why would Scotts even want to treat a
lawn like that? It needs to be slice seeded. That lawn is shot!

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Chinpipe —

This is my neighbor talking in video,not my place,ppl who know me know
where I live,and it’s not in this video… I felt sorry for him,so I let
him post this video of his place,the dandy lions bloomed already,now his
lawn looks better,but not much grass can be found,just braudleaf plants

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lpgft —

Looks like you waited way too long to apply weed killer ….. It looks like
you have all weeds and little actual lawn which would make it difficult to
kill the weeds. I think you’re better off renting a rototiller and starting
over ! I’ve been using Scott’s fertilizers for years and you can’t find one
dandelion on my lawn !!

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The Lawn Care Nut —

Doesn’t look like you have much if any turf there at all. Not defending
Scotts here, but if you’d have called me out, I’d would have told you that
before you need lawn treatments, you need a scrape, finish grade and
seeding or sodding. In other words, your lot isn’t even to the point where
treatments would make a difference. If they did kill all the dandelions,
you’d have 85% dirt – which would then erode in rain. The fault here was
them even selling you their service in the first place. JMHO

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Chinpipe —

Actually neigh is with a diffrent service called tru green,I should’ve went
with them instead

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MrSwicky88 —

Looks like your grass is very thin except the area on side of house (which
has very few weeds) that gets more water from runoff. I’d recommend
overseeding you lawn to choke weeds out. All a chemical is going to do is
temporarily kill weeds and prevent new ones from sprouting…temporarily…
so your grass can get an upper hand. But your grass has plenty of room for
weeds to move back in.

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