Scott’s turf builder Southern Lawn Food.

Scott's turf builder Southern Lawn Food.

We review this product by Scott’s! Turf builder Southern Lawn Food.
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MightyLawns T.V. —

heres a thought…too many weeds will choke out any grass you have in a
lawn..stripping it of the nutrients it needs to survive…so what do you
think overseeding would do?…i use both the fert and the turfbuilder at
different times….the fert of course to help the soil and the grass and
roots and alot of other stuff….but I overseed to promote healthy grass
growth as well…thanks for viewing!

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MightyLawns T.V. —

Can’t wait for the updates!

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Dee bee —

You mentioned overseeding in the video in text. This is a fertilizer,
though. So which is better for a southern lawn with mixed grass and some
weeds, using this fertilizer or just overseeding?

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