Spring Lawn Care : Recovery Program Step #1

Spring Lawn Care : Recovery Program Step #1

This is step #1 of my spring lawn recovery program. Now this is for those of you who have a lawn that is already healthy, but are just a bit concerned due to…
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steve bristol —


Would you ever use anything to counteract the road salt that gets plowed
into the yard? 

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The Landscaping Employee Trap —

Great information.

Thanks for the tips.

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Todd Neumann —

Love your vids . wish you had warm season grass. My girl in Chicago could
learn from these though. 

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Ryan Knorr —

Love your videos and all of the helpful info! I had a question for you.
I’m in central Iowa and my lawn is looking great in most areas with green
starting to shoot straight up. However a few areas look like yours in the
video where it’s matted down and the green isn’t coming through much in
those areas. My issue is that when I tried doing a light raking like you
suggested, it fluffs up a bit but underneath those matted areas it just
looks like mud and not much green at all. Are the shoots of green still
under the ground since the grass was matted and covering or what are your
thoughts? I know a picture would help describe it better. 

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The Lawn Care Nut —

Here is my step #1 spring recovery program -

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Images Of Power —

Do you ever use a power rake? I have problems with red clay and crab grass

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Allyn Hane —

Here is my step #1 spring recovery program -

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doughagewood —

Love your videos, Allyn. Going to rake my lawn tomorrow. Take those
Christmas lights down before your next video. lol

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eighthcylinder —

Easier said than done. I have an half acre lot…easier way please????

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myriadcorp —

Keep up the videos I really enjoy them.

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Conor Selby —

Parts Of My Lawn are weeds And my lawn is not taking off fast

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abe baldeh —

It was a brutal winter but lucky for us “Omaha, NE” we didn’t have a lot of
snow but bitter cold. I’m talking about 25-30 below. Hopefully first week
of May I’ll start fertilizing “milorganite”

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mmacejko929 —

I also have some bare areas not this spring as Ryan described. Lawn was
awesome last year. Lightly raking up the matted down areas really opened up
the bare areas to reveal nothing but dirt underneath! I am thinking I may
have to reseed this spring…

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Brandon Dyer —

Honestly I like that you made this vid because it means this winter weather
is almost over… good stuff Allyn!

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andy Schabbing —

Hey man I like the videos very informative. Do you have any suggestions for
getting grass to grow where the was a carport/shed for years? I’ve tried to
lightly till and plant see but didn’t get any results a big Part of back
yard is just dirt w few sprouts of grass growing. Should I till it all up
and plants seed?

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rrey0456 —

Will it matter if I do this and then it rains heavily and temps drop?

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mmacejko929 —

Glad to see your lawn looks as crappy as mine this spring! How dry do you
recommend the ground be before raking? In ohio we are still pretty wet. I
am worried I will pull up too much good grass.

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Keep the videos coming Allen…I applied Milorganite around November our
lawn has greened up so nice. I cut it today and added a dose of Milorganite
it keeps the deers away to. Thanks my neighbors looked shocked at the dark
green color of our grass…. 

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LAPrincee —



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dathud —

Allyn,my lawn looks fantastic since I have been using your program. I had a
30 minute conversation with a guy in my neighborhood about who did my lawn
treatments. He didn’t believe me when I told him that it was all me. He
couldn’t believe how thick it was. He was down in the grass trying to hunt
bare spots! LOL. I really appreciate all your tips. I need to show you a

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