Spring Lawn Care: Recovery Program Step #2

Spring Lawn Care: Recovery Program Step #2

This is Step #2 of my spring lawn care series. This spring lawn fertilizing tip is designed for you guys who already have a healthy lawn. It’s 100% organic. …
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Alpha Lawns LLc —

If you do your program should I have my spray guy stop treating my yard.

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dathud —

Allyn, I found the sharp sand you had suggested. What setting do you
recommend for my spreader? The particles look almost like Milorganite, but
a bit smaller. I usually put my scotts pro edge guard on a 6 but I may need
to lower it because the particles are smaller. Please let me know. Thanks

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dathud —

Allyn, where do you get that angular sand from? I was thinking that a pool
supply store may carry it. I have had no luck at Home Depot or Lowes. Their
pool sand is too sugary. I looked on Amazon and the shipping cost was
freakin outrageous for Mystic White. Please let me know. Thanks. 

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Josh Whitford —

I don’t have a yard but if I did this is definitely what if be doing. 

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Ruwan Budhagoda —

+Allyn Hane Thanks Allyn for these videos. I have a question and I hope you
could assist. This is my current lawn situation.(in video)…Current lawn
04/21/14 which lawn care program would you recommend. One in the church or
the one in this video? Appreciate your help. I am in upstate NY. I have not
done anything yet other than raking as suggested in video #1 of this
program. So appreciate your help.

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Chris Higham —

I had not heard the sharp sand theory before. Interesting and makes a whole
lot of sense

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eighthcylinder —

Does the temp need to be warmer b/4 this application? Here in Michigan it’s
not too warm yet, 30 at night?

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Allyn Hane —

Spring Recovery Program from +The Lawn Care Nut – you can do this TOMORROW
and get that lawn looking nice.

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markus know —

too soon to aerate? 

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Adam Brosch —

Thanks so much for the video…any special tips for Bermuda grass it the
Arkansas region… I wish to dominate the neighborhood

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ShamrockCat —

Hi Allyn, I’ve always had a healthy lawn but this winter really did a
number on it. I’m in Northern Indiana. In the past I’ve used a 4-step
program (either Fertilome or Scotts) but I’ve also added a Milorganite
treatment most years. I’d like to get to the 98% organic level that you’re
recommending, so just to be sure I understand, you are saying skip the
traditional “crabgrass preventer” step 1 and just do the sand and
Milorganite application? I know when it comes to a lush, green lawn, the
best defense is a good offense, so if you say go with the sand/Milorganite
combination instead of the typical “step 1″ then that’s what I’ll do!
Thanks for the help!

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abe baldeh —

Did you mow your lawn before applying the sand and the fertilizer? 

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Mehjabin Patel —

Hi Alyn, what are your tips for recovering a lawn with moss?

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Benny —

Ive been following your lawn treatment program from last year! Just
completed step 2 and applied starter fertilizer! Was wondering if I should
apply the sand and just hold off on the milorganite? Or should I just stick
with the steps from last year?( starter fertilizer was applied on april
7th). I live in the chicago il area by the way! 

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TheNathan343 —

hey allyn i just over seeded and put starter fertilized down when can i put
milorganite down i didnt know if i had to wait a while be fore i can put it
down after i put starter fertilizer down ?

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Adam Brosch —

Any thoughts, I just acquired some 13-13-13 fertilizer I heard you can
interchange that for “starter fertilizer” is this true?? Thanks

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golf4funjn —

Very good video. I have the same spreader as you. What settings did you use
for the sand and the Milorganite? Thanks!

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dvdfrnzwbr —

This is different than what you did for the Church lawn? Hows come?

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Tyler Bitz —

Al, I’m starting yard work this week in Toledo, Ohio.. Should I still start
with this step? (Already did Step 1). Thank you!

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dathud —

Allyn, I wanted to ask you a question about watering the lawn. I have heard
you mention that you don’t have a sprinkler system and just use an impact
sprinkler and move it around. Do you only water your front lawn or do you
move the sprinkler around to water the sides and back? I am having trouble
getting all of my lawn watered with just one sprinkler and I do not have
the money for a system as of yet. I can usually only get one or two spots
(1 hour a spot) watered a day before I go to work. Do you have any tips to
make watering the lawn more efficient?
Just to let you know, I live in North Carolina, near Charlotte and it is
already getting into the upper 80s to near 90. Thanks for your help.

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