Tips For a Better Yard: Mowing and Edging

January 12, 2015 // 50 comments

Did you know that mowing your lawn actually keeps it healthy and promotes root growth? Its true: proper mowing of your lawn not only keeps your yard looking …
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This is pretty much how most of my days go. This was filmed in spring 2012 with a go pro camera. Equipment is a Kawasaki edger, Shindaiwa t242 string…

Building Better Soil With Compost and Compost Bins

November 10, 2014 // no comments

All gardeners will assure you that there’s nothing more crucial when referring to gardening than having the best soil possible to get healthy plants growing in your garden. Compost serves to build the soil in your garden beds by improving the structure of the soil, making your soil much more resistant to drought conditions by keeping from losing moisture as rapidly and it also renders a larg…

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