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Identifying lawn problems, and correctly treating them before they spiral out of control is a fundamental aspect of good Tampa Lawn Care strategy. The following are the most common lawn issues and the best ways to identify and solve them.

* Not enough water. Your lawn will have a blue, gray hue. The individual grass leaves will be rolling in on themselves, and if you walk across the lawn the grass will not spring back, but, instead, your footprints will remain visible. The immediate solution to this dilemma is to inundate your lawn with at least an inch of water. Place a container in the path of the water ejection. Stop watering your lawn once the container fills up with an inch of water.
* Too much water. Water saturation of your lawn can appear in a variety of forms. Your lawn will likely look yellow due to oxygen deficiency or nutrients escaping the lawn. An over-saturation of water is usually caused by soils with excessive clay, poor drainage, or bad location like a valley between hills. Adding compost will strengthen the overall soil structure and water movement in your lawn.
* Grubs. If you noticed a lot of moles in your lawn, it is a good indication that there are grubs(food source for moles). The term “grub” is a general term referring to the larval form of many different insects. Japanese beetles are one destructive pest that begins life as a grub. The best way of eliminating grubs is to use a naturally effective bacteria known as milky spore. One application can last for up to ten years. You should be able to purchase milky spore at your local lawn and garden store.
* Imbalanced pH. The pH of the soil affects many different aspects of soil and lawn health, one of which is nutrient uptake. A dependable sign that your soil’s pH level is off is the deprivation of nutrients in your plants. To determine your soil pH, get a professional soil test done. It’s as easy as one, two, three. You can increase the pH level with lime or decrease it with sulfur. You should do neither without a soil test, as you could be wasting money or harming your plants.

Identifying lawn problems is the first step of defense in choosing the appropriate lawn care service.

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