The Benefits of a Lawn Care Calendar

Lawn care is one area that consumes a lot of time and a good memory as regards what to do and when to do it throughout the year. That is why a lawn calendar is a must have item for efficient lawn care. With a calendar, you can make a note of the things that need to be done every month during the year. This will guarantee you a lush and good looking lawn and you won’t forget the tasks that need to be done daily. There is no difficulty about obtaining a calendar in the market, as there are many available out there. If you want a calendar specifically adapted to the needs of your lawn, then you can also get a customized one. This way, lawn care will not seem a difficult feat anymore.

With the calendar, you can make detailed plans as to the requirements of your lawn and the time that it has to be looked into. Since issues like weather and location have to be considered, you do not have to blindly follow what is prescribed but can chart your own strategy. Generally, the calendar year starts with March when the soil has to be readied for new planting. Readying the soil includes searching the garden for moles and warming up the soil. At this juncture, it is advisable to go for a soil test to gauge whether the lawn needs any pesticides or herbicides. Seeding can also be done during this time. April is for taking off damaged clippings and for mowing the lawn as also for soil aeration. After April comes May during which herbicides, insecticides and fertilizers are applied as required.

June is the time for watering. Be sure that you do not pour either excess water or limited water to your lawn, as both could have damaging consequences. During this time if you feel that the area covered by the grass looks sparse, then you could increase the mowing height. In July, you may need to water your lawn at more regular intervals than June. This is also the time to scan your lawn for grubs. With the advent of August, it is time to think of seeding again while watering the garden as before. Another soil test at this time may not be remiss, as you have to purchase more fertilizers and seeds. What you have to do in September is to keep the earth damp as well as go in for fertilization and sowing of grass seeds. During this time, weed killing, raking and aeration are also things that you need to do. Lawnmowers can also help in this case. Application of lime if needed and mowing are some of the things to be done in October and November. In these final months, leaf blowing and fertilization are also pertinent.

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