The Greener Grass – Fair to Midland

From Fair to Midland’s Arrows and Anchors album. If you like their music please buy their music :)

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Carlo Lazzari —


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ToolfanJeffro —

Fav part is 7:18-8:20…

Not today, not again….

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Simon Hall —

Oh where did you go =[ 

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amie pooks —

actually crying halfway through this. I hope they get back together.

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massparody —


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TherealTriggen —

Simply one of the best songs ever written. Absolutely remarkable in every
way. Fair to Midland cemented their place in rock history forever with this
album and the predecessor. When they were around, these guys were
untouchable. This is the pinnacle of rock music.

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Love this band! Wish they were still together! :(

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tiemyrope666 —

if you dont give up 11 minutes of life for this song, you really dont
deserve to live.

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Kristian Garcia —

This is hands down the best 10+ minute epic of the decade. One of the best
executions of musical perfection in the last 20 years. This is the future

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Sarah Goins —

Still my all-time favorite song. Fucking love these guys. <3

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lolrobertx2 —

Love this song♥ Fucking amazing

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heebeejeebee36 —

I’m amazed that, despite its length, this song doesn’t drag on and every
minute is enjoyable. I’m hard pressed to pick a favorite song for this
album, and that makes me a very pleased fan.

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tranerecks —

only 11 minutes short?

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nick arthur —

FTM never cease to put out soulshaking music. privilged to be a part of
their fanbase

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ummmwhatnow —

I just found this band.. and this song.. I think I’ve just stumbled across
another great band to listen to!

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NutinHonie —

I’ve just discovered this awesome band. And I always thought Sulphur
Springs, TX was a nothing-town.

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yousfulidiots —

Tell me, does anyone know if they ever play this song at their live shows?

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Mike Wagner —

This song stopped me from killing myself. Thank you Darroh. Thanks

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bovenkoker —

Wow! This really

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Dopefish1990 —

Reminds me a bit of OLD Spocks Beard! Nice!

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Ken Dee —

thanx for uploading this

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guitardwight —

@nickguitarfreak17 Darroh said the intro was written at the same time as
The Wife, The Kids.

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Ryan VanSickle —

1 person is legally deaf.

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Jordan Phillips —

I haven’t heard them play it, but i’m sure they do play it live.

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yousfulidiots —

But that’s not something you’re willing to do is it? I’m not hear to shoot
the breeze, I’m here to see you catch it. So go on and keep treating a
thank you like your social security card number, and hope you enjoy the
view! This is a rat race and maybe it’s time you stop!

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