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It’s just not cleaning products which are bad enough, what about all the chemicals we put on our skin and inside us. Soap products, shampoos, conditioners, other hair products, cosmetics, skin care even sunblock. And a very worrying one lately to come into focus is the toothpastes.

And we teach our children, babies to brush their teeth with these harmful chemicals.

Speaking of children and babies, have you ever looked at the contents of baby bubble bath liquid, baby and children’s shampoos and other products. There has recently been a court case in America with a very well known company putting a very nasty chemical into children’s and babies products.

We need to be more careful with our children and ourselves and our environments. Everyday a laundry detergent company seems to be advertising a newer, stronger, more stain removing detergent to buy. It makes me cringe about what poisons we are being exposed to not to mention all this toxicity is going down our drains and into our waterways and oceans.

Mankind on many levels is making great strides to reverse some of the damage we have caused to this wonderful world. Looking for and developing new energy sources which are cleaner and better for all. The tens of thousands of people worldwide, probably millions who are very conscious of taking care of the environment, animals the air we breathe and are generally being nicer to each other.

But so many are so ignorant of the dangers in our trusted brands. Even Pet food is being filled with chemicals and is potentially the cause of many tumors and camcers in dogs and cats.

We need to read the ingredients in things, we need to question the chemicals and their side effects over long periods of use and we need to look for better products which are completely safe, free of chemicals and toxins. We need to be more aware and take responsibility for our ability to make choices.

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