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Often I am asked what is the best weed killer or weed control for lawns. In this video, I tell you what to look for in a good quality weed control. Remember,…

How to mix and apply lawn weed killer. Weed killer used is Bayer All-In-One lawn weed killer concentrate, but is similar to Weed-B-Gone and Weed-A-Lawn.
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Sprinkler Buddy —

Proper watering management also helps control weed problems. Too much or
too little water can both cause a serious weed problem. Adjust your
watering times to the current environment, sprinkler systems aren’t a set
it and forget it system, many fail to realize this fact. 

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faca7th —

Drive XLR8 and Tenacity are also very good products. You can find them at
Amazon. Thanks for the DIY striping kit video. You saved me some money.

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Kurt Congdon —

On a related note, whats the best way to dispose of my left over mixed weed
killer? You’re video’s inspired me to try spot treating my weeds today for
the 1st time. I mixed up a gallon of Weed B Gone from concentrate , and
have about a quart left over. I’ve topped up my sprayer (2 gal) to the top
with water thinking if would be good to dilute it as much as possible
before I dispose it, but where? 

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Gabriel Pedraza —

I live in South Florida. I don’t know if the Pre/post emergent applies to
us down here because it’s always above 65 degrees. My lawn is covered in
crabgrass. I don’t know when is the right time to use pre or post. 

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adan molina —

I buy glysofate……it is the key ingredient in round up and works faster
and longer than the 2 products you just showed….love the video tho

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Boston mah —

+The Lawn Care Nut Thanks!!!! This has helped alot :)

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Wise Student —

You tell how to kill broad leaf and not the grass……Now tell me how to
kill the grass and not the flowers and shrubs !! Grass in growing in my
tree wells, shrubs i want to kill it with out harm to the trees or scrubs I
very lightly sprayed some grass next to one of my favorite trees and kill a
limb on the tree. HELP Somebody !!!

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Barry Camarillo —

When do you suggest applying pre-m controls for crab grass? Sping and Fall;
both or only once? I am in West Texas with primarily St Augustine and
Bermuda (Hybrids).

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Wise Student —

A propane burner will harm or kill the shrubs where the grass is growing up
into !!!

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Austin Glen —

“Liked” first. While I have been using concentrate and tank sprayer
application, I was unable to “spot” spray as there were weeds “everywhere”
from years of total neglect. 2,4-D was successful on “most” of the pesky’s,
but still have several that have continued to mock me? Will be doing an
entire property spray on my next still day, this time my tank will be
lobbing 18% Triclopyr! Can the enemies armor survive it? We shall see? Just
put down two full bags of Milorganite on front and sides this afternoon and
did… “put some ass in it”! Anything that stinks that bad, has got to be
good! Earthway 2150 Spreader preformed beautifully! Onward and
upward! Thanks Allyn! ~oO(♫)Oo~ PS. Will update soon!

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Steve Sherron —

Awesome time lapse background. 10-4 on the 2 – 4D. 

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Rich Lo —

Allyne. With the cool summer we have in the Midwest, would it be ok to
spray weed control during these periods? 

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MsStuff00 —


Thank you so much. You saved my lawn. I am a new subscriber. 

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Boston mah —

I just went to home depot usa today… I bought the ortho weed b gon max
with crabgrass control….. I see you have this in your video…. Is this
the better one or bayer…. I saw that the ortho has a higher percentage
over bayer but bayer covers more…. Which one would buy

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Ryan Basdeo —

Hey Al, will these weed killer products kill crab grass? I know they work
well on clover and such. I didn’t put down pre emergent this year and I’m
seeing some crabgrass pop up. The reason was I was filling in a lot of thin
spots and I was focused more on that.

Ryan, NY

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The Lawn Care Nut —

What is the best weed control for lawns? I get asked this quite a bit.

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Jack Sanchez —

What’s up Allyn?

Quick question – Is there really anything better than RoundUp to kill weeds
on sidewalks or areas you don’t want weeds at?

I’m planning on putting up a swing set for my daughter in my back yard.
The area I plan on putting it at has weeds that keep growing like 2ft tall
– some even 3-3.5ft! They’re actually a mixture of weeds including some
that are pretty thick like a nickle. I dug some of them up and cut others
so I can prepare to set down some wood chips but they keep coming up and I
would hate to put everything down and they come right back up a few months
later… I can’t seem to get rid of them permanently. Any advice?


Jack – Munster, IN

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Frabbledabble —

Why would anyone in their right mind use chemicals for this..?

I smell sponsored video!

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retired2009 goss —

What controls water grass

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Jay Strader —

Nice video. 

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Ruwan Budhagoda —

Finally :)

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TheClutch31 —

What do you recommend for a lawn that’s been taken over by foxtails and
some grassy weed in Calif? ( New lawn (10 months old) and I did not lay
down pre-emergent)

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stevea326 —

Mr. Lawn Care Nut, a large portion of my lawn has some broadleaf weeds
(violets and creeping charlie.) Will applying the weed killer kill the
entire section of lawn or only kill the weeds and not the grass? Thanks for
the great helpful videos!

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Brad —

Great video! Can you please show us what you do for irrigation, and what
types of sprinklers you use / recommend?

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Antonio Carrion —

this will take me 20 bottles to do my entire yard, please help.

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Eric Gregg —

OK, first off: if you are going to post how to video’s get stuff right.
Second: The label states you need to wear protective gear when mixing and
applying. PPE (personal protective equipment) you should of been wearing
nitrile gloves and glasses. You should have long pants on to keep exposure
from drift and direct contact off your skin when mixing and spraying.
Third. You are spraying to long, it’s not a sit there and get everything
wet kind of thing. one or two burst with the trigger is all you need. That
one hand can could of covered the area that was on video twice with left
overs. 1 gallon of water will cover 1,000 ft² in any hand can or back pack
sprayer. Four: Weed control does not kill grass because, it is a growth
accelerator, in general most weed controls, the active ingredient
stimulates growth inside the plant cells. That’s why if you spray a
dandelion in flower, the flower will stand up taller, turn then curl, the
weed will die usually within 7-10 days. It may appear died on top of the
surface. However, the roots are still alive from 10-14 days. Grass can
withstand the increased internal activity. There is a lot more to it but,
this is about as simple as I can make it. Five: The reason the product you
are using does not work on crabgrass is due to the active
ingredient quinclorac being at an extremely low rate to be effective. When
professional products are at 18.8% to the bayers 1.61% you can quickly see
why professionals get better results. Six: Never put a hose in the tank.
You are contaminating the hose! You are also running the risk of backflow.
When the level of the water reaches the hose and you turn the water off.
The pressure will suck weed control into your hose. So, you go to wash your
car or fill up your kids pool you are now flushing the hose out with
diluted weed control. You are also touching a hose that is contaminated on
the outside of it as well. increasing your exposure. Stay safe and enjoy
working in your yard.

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Pik Chi Pau —

just a pointer, you should wear gloves. the liquid is nasty if get on to

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Juanma Lumbreras —

If I want to fix and grow new grass, its better to kill the weed before?

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Terry Li —

Why do you need to punch holes in the grass?

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delores daniels —

how can I get the weeds out of my asparagus patch?

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