When to Aerate a Lawn and Why?

Learn when to aerate a lawn or visit us at or for lawn advice. Also how to aerate a lawn, when to aerate lawn a…
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Eric Cruz —

His lawn didn’t look that great, why is he teaching?

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zerocool212121 —

i can tell you this guy needs a class in botany to understand what hes
doing, aerification is good any time as more air= faster growth.after doing
this its good to topdress(to add organics,ferts,aerobic activity) or put
sand down if you have hard clay soil(helps with drainage and aerobic
activity). the key to doing a good job is having moist soil and knowing how
to use the machine correctly.
any time you dont see the holes/plugs it can be done even in the hot summer
also do not pick the aerator up like that to turn it, your back and arms
will not last doing 20+yards a day like that look at 2;41 that is how u
turn it around, let the machine do the work not the machine work you.
also some “other” companies will bs you an say a liquid aeration works the
same, this is 100% not the same the results will not have the same outcome.

doing this will not have a big change instantly but it will make a
difference when combined with proper feedings/waterings/mowing. 

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razorsharpbt —

Beautiful baby, bro. Great video!

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chasetai —

love the music! i watched it again half a dozen of time just to listen to
the music.

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Trent684 —

Thank you… Good example.. I hope you are a good example for that little
baby too..

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yamapfaff —

Great video. You’re a great example of a young father taking care of his
home and your child will learn from you. Also, practice makes perfect and
you should keep doing what you’re doing.

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Peter Sab —

Down, up, down….sorry, I missed what was next?

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Amex Gate —

why did 32 ppl dislike this? Aeration (depending on location determines
whether its best in spring or fall) is a must at least once a year!

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Kam Jakhu —

top man…. I bought an aerator for £10 (approx $15) and it saved me alot
of bucks and given me satisfaction that the results will be outstanding.

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winfree95 —

Thanks for the cool advice

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D Hurst —

Leave the plugs. They will break down on the surface with precipitation.
The plugs provide microbial action to eat away the thatch layer if present.
There is very little nutritional value in the plugs if any.

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Lee Simmons —

No, leave them, gives the lawn nutrients.

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Tristan102100 —

not enough weight

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lpgft —

do they sell a non-motorized aerator of a manual type ??

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WillsLawnService —

those aerators are a pain in the butt to use, so i got a tow behind. i
aerate in the spring to lay seed and fertilizer, later in the spring before
mowing time starts, occasionally in the summer if there has been no rain to
water, and in the fall

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Thanksman —

Do you clean up the plugs it leaves on the lawn?

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Jason Grooms —

now that you are done, get an edger and clean up the edges…. Nice video.

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jhi1947 —

What kind of fooking bait bitch?

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Spencer Arnold —

I don’t recommend sand because it can compact your soil. You should use a 3
way that contains compost sand and topsoil.

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hanoitwin . —

I aerated and over seeded and put fertilizer down a week ago and I can
already see a change. The grass is greener and also I picked around in the
lawn and found a seed that has already sprouted, so I think in another week
the lawn should really be rockin! but my question is: How long do I wait to

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Spencer Arnold —

The mechanical aerators are better for smaller lawns and they usually get
the best penetration.

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Nate G —

I was on my way home yesterday evening and saw a guy aerating a lawn. He
looked like he does it on the side for some extra cash. He had 2 aerators
on a trailer. Best part only $35!!!. He’s coming to do mine and 2 of my
neighbors today. Better than Mr. Green @ $70!

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paintur68 —

I’ve never done this to my lawn, and it looks great. Is this something that
is done only in certain climates? Ah, who am I kidding, even if I had to do
this, I probably wouldn’t…….hmmm…ever see landscaping shows from
Arizona or New Mexico? Dirt and rock. Okay, I want ice-cream. Bye.

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Spencer Arnold —

I vote that you leave the plugs. It helps out with overseeding. Rake them
up if you have a dog or kids that might track in the mud :) I rake the back
lawn, but not the front.

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Michael Kirk —

nice video, makes me want to aerate.

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